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This is an example Glossary page.

You may have gotten to this page by clicking KeheiWiki in the Home_Page which is one of the topics in the About section (aka namespace, area). Since there was no definition (aka page, topic) for KeheiWiki in the About section, the wiki system found a definition here and used that instead to satisfy the link.

One of the more powerful concepts within KeheiWiki is the idea of PATHS for locating the content of a definition.

By default KeheiWiki checks the current namespace, the Glossary namespace and several others (Team, About, Search ) which are named in the ?WikiVariable? TERMPATH . The site manager can change this ordering and contents of this variable. Any page is able to also override this variable to force lookup of terms or topics in that page in other namespaces or in a different order.

One line description: using KeheiWiki as an example term on the TERMPATH

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