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One line description: features compared to list on wikipedia

Feature list for comparison to

  • Who is developing it?

    A single person or a growing team?[team]

    Where is the download? On sourceforge

  • What license is it distributed under? [GPL]
  • Who is using it?

    • Generally corporate types/intranet. (JPL, IKEA)
    • Private enterprise. (small businesses)
    • Personal and family owned sites
    • Some financial portals (editors are, well, real editors).
    • Collaborative fiction sites
    • A major national software development magazine

  • Features for editors:

    • [X] easy to write (and powerful) wiki formatting rules,
    • [X] WYSIWYG capabilities in addition to wiki formatting,
    • [X] HTML allowed but not required,
    • [X] unlimited number of namespaces,
    • [X] change log per page or per namespace,
    • [X] easy to roll back to earlier versions,
    • [X] file upload,
    • [X] insert image
    • [X] page can specify its own skin/template (very unusual)
    • [X] editors can edit skin (advanced)
    • [X] can designate who else may edit
    • [X] author copyrights preserved
    • [X] ghost writers permitted
    • [X] limit sections to certain subscribers or roles
    • [X] auto sign & date
    • [X] sign-up sheets to public
    • [X] self-appending form pages, i.e., blog format possible on per page basis
    • [X] page templates
    • [X] configurable markup
    • [X] glossary
    • [X] glossary-with namespace serach-path
  • Features for readers:

    • [X] mnemonic bookmarks,
    • [X] table of contents,
    • [X] search,
    • [X] regex searches from URL,
    • [X] canned searches,
    • [X] search results savable with annotations,
    • [X] navigation bar (aka "breadcrumbs"),
    • [X] printer friendly version for all pages.
  • User management:

    • [X] user personal pages,
    • [X] user preferences
    • [X] namespace preferences
  • Groupware features:

    • [X] provisional page locking
    • [X] blog pages
    • [X] message system.
  • Access controls. [Yes - very advanced]

    • [X] read-only subscriber groups
    • [X] lots of roles definable:

      • author,
      • editor,
      • publisher,
      • cover art artist
      • ghost writer,
      • collaborator,
      • advertizer,
      • reviewer,
      • multiple subscriber classes
      • site manager,
      • section manager,
      • templates manager
      • any or all of the above
      • same user can take on multiple roles
      • invent your own roles
    • [X] page specific editors by name, role or both
    • [X] namespace specific editors
    • [X] supports delegation, hats, roles and apprenticeships
    • [X] separate skin per subscriber group
  • Customizable interface:

    • [X] home page,
    • [X] main/browse page,
    • [X] editor page,
    • [X] nothing written yet page,
    • [X] topbar,
    • [X] bottombar,
    • [X] sidebar,
    • [X] navbar,
    • [X] you-are-here navigation (breadcrumbs),
    • [X] multiple skins
  • Internationalization:

    • All diagnostic messages come from html templates.
    • Selection of templates set can be by domain name.
  • Install Complexity:

    • Classic installer runs itself from browser in about 30 seconds.
    • Single prompt.
    • Specifically designed for ISP/hosted installs.
    • Can go in a subdirectory.
  • Maintenance: [Core, modules, templates, extensions and user content all separately upgradeable]
  • Extensibility:

    • Multiple extension APIs.
    • Can add additional markup.
    • Can add support CGIs.
    • Will wrap CGIs in skin.
    • Extensions don't have to be in Perl.
  • Portability.

    • Are you locked into a particular package or wikitext format?[No]
    • Is it possible to export your text to other systems?[Yes]
  • Scalability: Is it suitable for large amount of pages? [Yes]
    Most scalable wiki software needs a back end database to store pages.
    [Kehei Wiki has been adapted to database on portal sites but does not require database]

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